Benefits for Landlords


Benefits for LANDLORDS

Renting to the wrong tenants can become a very unpleasant experience. Don't risk it! Let Terra Casa Real Estate lease your property, and leave the managment to us. Terra Casa Real Estate will find and screen quality tenants quickly and make sure they are right for you.

We will also: 

Price and Prepare the Property for Rent

  • Recommend a competitive rental price based on current market conditions
  • Recommend and manage repairs and improvements
  • Hire qualified and competent contractors

Marketing & Promotion

  • Promote your property to the largest possible rental market, including individual and corporate tenants
  • Design and Implement a customized marketing campaign
  • Prepare a brochure profiling your property with professional photography
  • Longer and flexible working hour to maximize viewing opportunities. Arrange viewings for your property on days, evenings, and weekends

Select & Screen Tenants

  • Screen every applicant
  • Require applicants to complete our comprehensive lease application
  • Check the applicants' credit reports
  • Check applicants against Landlord/Tenant Court records
  • Verfication of tenant employment status.

Administer the Lease & Oversee Move-Ins

  • Prepare a lease with the landlord's rights in mind
  • Coordinate move-ins
  • Perform thorough inspection before move-in

We also offer a competitive range of financial tools and other benefits as part of our scheme for landlords.