Privacy Policy


Read the Privacy policies well to know about declaration of the personal information entered (used)

on, a website which is operated by Terra Casa Real Estate. The data entered to the

website can be retained by the company till it's needed for carrying out any specified tasks (purpose

for which it was collected). once you register to the website, you render the rights for usage of the

data according to the policy.


For your further clarity, once you are on the website, information including IP address, language,

browser information and access time might be recorded automatically for managing the website's

operations. Furthermore, information such as pages viewed, number of clicks and navigational

information might also be recorded. Other important things to know include:


Personal Information:

  • It stores the information including username, password, actual name, email address, telephone number, country (region) and organization.
  • Information may be collected by fulfilment of the survey or emails.


Usage of Personal Information:

Terra Casa would use the information to:

  • Offer customer service
  • Management of membership account
  • sending relevant offers
  • carry out surveys
  • communication related to services, transactions and products

Security of the personal information:

Our utmost priority is to maintain and secure your personal information, and for that, we have

applied the industry standards to practice so that data security is insured.

  • Our employees get limited access to your personal information.
  • employees are bounded into legal contracts so that they can be held liable for any breach of trust, if occurred.
  • strict policies to limit unwanted access

we try our best to incorporate all the methods to ensure the data security, but obviously, no one can guarantee 100 percent protection due to hackings and other notorious activities.