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Tis the Time to Focus on Affordable Properties in Dubai

Tourism, leisure and hospitality are few of the key factors that drive Dubai economy but how you can let go its real estate sector, which seems to be suitable for the wealthy investors. However, experts are of the view that affordability will be the new driving factor to invite genuine...

Dubai Metro

Dubai Properties are in Higher Demand near Metro – Worth it?

Dubai properties continue to decline in sales and rental prices due to the slowing down of the market and dwindling numbers of the real estate transactions. Most of the experts are of the view that Dubai properties prices may go further down because the sector is undergoing a healthy correction...

Rent property in dubai

To Buy or Rent in Dubai – What is Better?

Should I rent or buy a property in Dubai? It is the most common question especially amongst expatriates moved there after property crunch in 2008. At first, we would say it solely depends upon your personal choice but a mathematical calculation is essential to determine the weightage of each factor,...